This is the most important message you are going to read today if you don't want to have awkward text conversations! 

Your smartphone is a date generator. Learn how you can use it to get a stunning woman in your bed tonight.This is the most important message you are going to read today if you don't want to have awkward text conversations! 

Your smartphone is a date generator.

Learn how you can use it to get a stunning woman in your bed tonight.

Discover how to get countless chicks in your bed by improving your text game!

Nowadays, it's impossible to date a woman without sending her some texts. But did you know you can ruin everything by sending the wrong texts?

Whether you just met her in a bar and got a hold of her number or you're just chatting on a dating site, you have to read this! 

Have you ever wondered why some women all of the sudden don't reply to your messages anymore? Suddenly they seem to busy to meet up and you never speak to her again. Sounds familiar, right?

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  • A shortcut into the head of millions of women on dating sites that will make women reply to your messages. 
  • How to keep the conversation going, even when you don't know what to say. 
  • How to prevent women from ignoring your text messages. 
  • The bounce formula that ensures more attraction and better conversations. Your conversations will automatically become longer without you having to put any effort in it.
  • How to make women try their best to seduce you without saying anything about yourself.
  • How to stop wasting time on women and how to find fun women who want sex.
  • The secret that will keep you from dating a fat woman. Even if she only has a headshot as a profile picture. 
  • What to do when you only want fun and smart women. If you want a girlfriend, this is the shit you HAVE to know.
  • The expert way to find open-minded women. As in: open to a trio, kinky sex or to become fuckbuddies
  • The ruthless method to end frustrating conversations with women who don't want to date you.
  • A shortcut into the women's brain that turns on women.
  • The good way to use arrogance in text messages. If you do this right, she will get heated in no time
  • How to pass the tests women run on every man to see if he's qualified for a date.
  • Why almost everything you've ever read about texting is wrong. You only lose dates by using the wrong information.
  • How to stay in charge of the conversation.
  • The number one reason that men -after they got the girl's digits- don't get any dates. 
  • simple hack to seem intelligent in every conversation - even if you're not. 
  • The way to make women obsessed after 10 texts.
  • How to make her addicted to your messages by sending short messages.
  • How to prevent a women from cutting off the conversation. 
  • The only right way to use roleplays in a conversation.

This is all included in the program!

  • +250 pictures you can steal from me to send to a chick. They will think you're awesome right away. 
  • A text of five lines that will make women swoon instantly.
  • How to make women fall for you, even when she hasn't seen you before.
  • What every man that thinks he's good at internet dating forgets. 
  • A secret tactic to give women the feeling that you've known each other for years.
  • How to prevent becoming a chat buddy with whom she never wants to date. 
  • How to get a date with a woman that you've met on the streets or in the club, using only two words
  • 4 simple words to restart the conversation if she doesn't reply. 
  • The exact time you have to wait after you've been ignored by a woman. It matters more than you think. 
  • A message you always want to send her before you are going on a date with her. This way, she will never forget your date. 
  • The number one mistake most men make when sexting.
  • simple combination of 5 words to have women send you nude pics. 
  • 25 copy-paste texts to make women horny as hell. They will show up on you doorstep in no time. 
  • A-Z conversations from the first text to the first encounter.
  • The real answer on the question if you can use emoji's. 
  • How to get women on a sex date, without them wanting more than that.
  • The only right way to react when a woman tells you something dramatic. 
  • How to keep the conversation going when you two have a limited time to meet up (because she's on a holiday or because she's busy). 
  • 7 conversations of my clients who are making a big mistake with explanation on how to prevent these common mistakes. 



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