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Almost all men walk past women on the street, because they are afraid of the unknown. Those who do dare to speak to women only do so because those women are average-looking. 

We'll teach you how to get the most beautiful women by addressing them on the street. It only takes some simple skills and tricks! 

  • Get the most beautiful women on the street.
  • More than 127 sentences you can immediately apply in your daygame.
  • Conversation techniques you can easily learn so you can get her to talk for hours.
  • Simple instant date sets that lead to sex at your place. Do this and you'll no longer be alone.
  • How to end all your conversations with a kiss.
  • How to make sure she wants your number.

What you get

  • Hidden camera images that reveal how you successfully finish daygame with 100% guarantee on the first kiss, sex or an instant relationship.
  • How you can influence her - without her realizing it.
  • 3 qualities that women unconsciously seek in a man with whom they would go to bed.
  • Learn my secret to use your voice as a tool to make her fall in love with you.
  • Learn a simple strategy with which you have the first second in every possible situation.
  • The number 1 mistake men make when they are trying a pick up line, and how you can prevent this mistake.
  • A clever trick how to excite women with your voice using your smartphone.
  • An under-the-radar way to test whether a woman likes you.
  • How you can make dead-end conversations exciting without saying anything.
  • A hypnosis trick to make her happy or horny on your command.
  • How to make her giggle without saying too much.
  • The #1 principle that ensures people want to follow you and want to be around you.
  • The 6 safe touches that women enjoy.
  • The trick that makes her feel completely comfortable with the sexual vibe that you emit.
  • What her 'pick up blueprint' is and how you can easily unravel it.
  • Knowing the deepest universal desires of a woman and how you fulfill them (unlike what 98% of all men think).
  • Why voice control is the best pick up trick
  • The most important conversation technique on a date
  • How you immediately distinguish yourself from 9 of the 10 other guys who ask her on date (and believe me, this has nothing to do with how much money you spend)
  • From meeting spontaneously to instant dates and more, without competition from men or her friends
  • A rock solid first impression that places you in the sexual category from moment zero
  • Become successful in picking up hot women in the daytime 101: how to be consistently 'in the zone'
  • Learn how to make a woman nervous within 30 seconds.
  • How to easily pick up your dream woman from your social circle (university, school, work, group of friends, etc.)



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